Sunday, February 28, 2010

thank god it's finally over (the olympics, not my crappy art show)

hooray for canada! our millionaire stickhandlers beat those from south of the border, advancing the cause of our own mindless nationalism and corporate hegemony. i suppose there'd be something to celebrate if canada wasn't part of the natoland torture state consensus. but on the street in ottawa it feels like toronto after the blue jays won the world series (proving the supremacy of toronto's world class american millionaires over those of less insecure cities) -- beneath the public expression of joy lurks a menacing suspicion of those who refuse to cheer or wave the team colours. the celebration is a testament to the huge power of the media to shape mass interest in trivial contests, blurring gaping class divisions while important issues become more intractable and the world stumbles merrily along to the gates of world war three. like harry shearer says, "the olympics are a movement and you need one every day." sweetness and light.

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Jackson Creative Engineering said...

Hi Marc, good work as usual. The smoke sure does animate the scene, but the moon is corny and looks like it needs more of something. the laundromat looks nice and tidy.

Why have they never found scenes of sky, clouds, rivers, trees in prehistoric cave paintings? One of arts great mysteries....

continuing a 50,000 year old tradition, paint on brother..